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Dance FAQs

  • Do I need a partner?
    Easiest question to answer: No!
  • What do I wear for my first lesson?
    We have students that come to their lessons straight from work or straight from the gym, so whatever is comfortable or convenient is fine with us.
  • What kind of shoes should I wear for my lesson?
    Ladies may want to choose a closed-toe shoe to protect the piggies. Sandals or any kind that will slip off your feet are strongly discouraged. Gentlemen any shoes you'd wear to a nice restaurant or tennis shoes is fine for the first few lessons.  Of course, the best option is ballroom dance shoes which have a suede sole and softer leather.
  • How much does it cost to learn to dance?
    The first lesson is given to you at no cost. After the complimentary introductory private lesson the cost for a program will be determined by the following factors: available time, size of the program, students chose of method of payment. To get a basic idea of cost and tuition structure, visit the Gift Certificate page on this website for examples. 
  • Where do I park?
    Street parking out front requires meter payment until 8pm so please take advantage of our free parking in the rear access by the alley off of Hortense just south of the studio.
  • Do you prepare people to dance at their weddings or other special occasions?
    Yes. We are experts for this. We take a personalized approach with every wedding couple. We suggest no delay in contacting us. Once engaged, starting learning!
  • How far in advance before my wedding should I contact the studio to start learning?
    Short answer: Yesterday. We are of the feeling that as soon as couples become engaged, they should start learning. Many couples have expressed the concern that they should study dance closer to the wedding so it will still be fresh in their minds. This is a flawed concept because dancing is a skill that resides in the body. Once learned, it cannot be forgotten. Facts are temporary; skill is permanent. Studying for a history exam? Sure, study close to the exam date so the facts are fresh. But for the building of a skill, there is no time like the present.
  • I feel like I have two left feet!
    Don't worry we are fully stocked in right feet. We'll fit you for one.
  • What days do you offer classes?
    We are open Monday-Friday from 1:00-10:00pm.
  • What will I get out of dancing?
    Our favorite question: Visit this page to learn the Benefits of Dancing.
  • Do you offer competitions or do I have to compete?
    Yes, we do offer competitions thru our entire year, students can participate as soon as they have acquired the basics. Competing is never required.
  • Is there a time limit on completing a dance program?
    Quick Answer: No! For details about taking your dance lessons in the most efficient way, we advice following the teachers' recommendations as closely as possible.
  • Will I be able to learn?
    Another easy one: Yes, we are 100% certain of this because of our over 100-year track record in teaching excellence, our world-famous Arthur Murray Teaching Method and our expertly-trained phenomenal staff.
  • What do you do if your partner is more experienced than you are?
    In football terms, she’s the defense and you’re the offense. Since you don’t play the same position, or even on the same side of the ball, you have different jobs and responsibilities. So just because she took some dance classes before, that doesn’t come into play at all with your role as the leader/quarterback.
  • How often should I come in for my lessons?
    If possible, keep your lessons as close together in the beginning of your program. This allows your teacher to get your brain and body to cooperate much sooner.
  • Where am I going to use this stuff I’m learning?
    You can put everything you’re learning into action right away at one of our practice parties. Outside of that, many of our students use their dancing at wedding receptions, reunions, and company parties. If you’re planning a vacation, going on a cruise will usually provide several different themed rooms to dance in. Additionally, there are Night Clubs you can go to as well. Whether it’s Salsa or Country, there’s a little bit of everything out there. The more you know in your dancing, the more you have to choose from. Often times when you start test driving a certain car, you start to notice those cars everywhere. The same thing happens when learning to dance: the more you learn, the more you start finding opportunities to dance.
  • (For the Bride) I’m taking lessons for my wedding, should I dance in my wedding shoes?
    Your wedding shoes are a part of the finishing touches to your overall “wedding look”. Unfortunately, they aren’t always designed for comfort, or dancing. We’d recommend that you bring your shoes in so your teacher can see how well you can move in them and determine the best course of action. In a perfect world, we’d suggest to get a pair of white, off-white, or otherwise matching ballroom dancing shoes to wear for the first dance and at your reception. Your guests won’t even know and, trust us, dance shoes are so much more comfortable.
  • I’d like to get a pair of ballroom dance shoes, what should I look for?
    For gentlemen: your regular (not patent leather) standard heel shoes. For ladies any heels so long as they are not higher then 2.5 inches. In addition, we always recommend a nude or bronze colored shoe for your first pair.


  • "My husband and I used the Van Nuys Blvd location to learn a first dance for our wedding. They're amazing dancers, teachers and people in general. They even helped us edit the music. We have expanded our package and are excited to continue forward with our dance lessons with Rebecca who looks like she could be Michelle Pfeiffer's daughter. She's amazing to work with very helpful and patient. It's worth every penny."
    Alesia B.
  • "...Now that we have been taking lessons for awhile, they begin to tag team instructors, which allows you to have other perspectives and styles...We've taken up a new hobby, met new friends, getting in better shape and are having a blast!! We highly recommend Arthur Murray Sherman Oaks!!!!  If we could give them more stars we would!"
    Mandy R.
  • "...The studio has a very personal atmosphere, like a little family. The teachers are truly there for the clients and considerate of their wishes and goals. Furthermore, there are a lot of different payment plans so it is affordable to everyone. Your instructor and the always welcoming supervisor Tom will create a program tailored exactly to your needs. All I have to say is:'Why are you still reading, come on and dance.' "
    Eva D.
  • "My husband frequently travels for work and we didn't have any time to prepare for our first dance. I tried calling other dance studios in the area and Arthur Murray was the ONLY studio that actually answered the phone.I explained my situation and let them know we had only a week and a half to prepare...It was worth every penny! Luckily, my (then) fiancé and I both love to dance and our instructor was able to choreograph a beautiful (and simple) first dance.We just got married on Saturday and our lessons paid off. We're incredibly grateful to our instructors at Arthur Murray for making us look like rock stars on the dance floor!"
    Siera N.
  • "...Dani was our instructor, and she was everything I could have asked for as a newbie to this world. She walked us through a few different dances -- cha cha, waltz, etc. -- just to give us some basics and a flavor of what more in-depth lessons would be like. The atmosphere is welcoming and fun. Plus the schedule is so open and flexible." 
    Angelica C.
  • "Our wedding planner directed us to Arthur Murray, and we called and set up an appointment. I talked to Tom on the phone and he was very nice and helpful. He was equally so in person when we went in later that week.Our first half-hour lesson was free...Sure enough we bought a package... Everyone we dealt with was friendly and professional, and the dance lessons were crucial to our wedding..."
    Steph C.
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