Father and daughter create EPIC mashup at the wedding

Father and daughter create EPIC mashup at the wedding

A modern Father/Daughter Dance

The traditional father daughter dance can be moving and emotional for the two dancing and for those watching.  Even strong guys will shed a tear at the realization of his little girl growing up and starting a new life. Swaying side to side or learning the gorgeous box step and dancing a traditional Waltz to songs like “I Loved her first” or “My girl” are for some brides and dads, it’s just not everyone’s cup of tea.

Daughters still want to share the special bond they have with their father but in an entirely different way. Watch how this modern bride and father show the guests and each other the special connection they have with each other.

Whether you want the traditional waltz, modern mashup…..With a little thought, practice, and planning…here at Arthur Murray Sherman Oaks we can help make this dance all that you wish it to be and a moment to cherish.

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