Make sure to avoid these mistakes while dancing – Part 2

Make sure to avoid these mistakes while dancing – Part 2

Not only do mistakes help us improve our overall dancing, but, they can also be incorporated into the dance as well. Your mistakes help you more than you think, as you can own them, making it likely that no one will ever even know that you made a mistake to begin with.

Just a reminder, our mistakes in dancing serve as more of a guideline, so it is important not to feel defeated when mistakes are made, as they show us where our boundaries are and illuminates our potential for improvement, which is always good. If we do not know where to start improving, how will we ever get any better?

Last week, we discussed a few mistakes that are commonly made when dancing, and how you can avoid them, and this week, Arthur Murray Dance Studio has gathered even more information for you to help improve your dancing, so be sure to continue reading to learn more:

  • Paying attention. It is easy to lose ourselves in work or things that we love to do, and dancing is the same way. It is vital that you pay attention to what you are doing as you dance, as if you do not, your whole dance can fall apart. With anything, it is important to pay attention, so if you are going to ignore certain parts of your dancing skills, skim through it or only put in half of the effort, your whole dance can become meaningless, which is obviously something that you will want to avoid.
  • Learning too quickly. As they say, you have to walk before you can run, and you have to learn certain steps when it comes to dancing before you can reach your full potential as well, as there is a limit to how fast you should throw yourself into the entire world of dance. Dancing can be intimidating, especially when the tempo picks up and everyone else around you could’ve possibly already learned the steps. You may want to mimic their movements and move as fast as you can to keep up, but it is important that you give yourself time to find the tempo and then feel the music as you move. Once you have the tempo, it will be much easier to learn the steps and keep up, so take your time and dance at your own pace, once step at a time.
  • Stop learning. You would never stand up and say that you are done learning new things forever, as the world is always changing, and it is important to keep up with the new knowledge available. Without learning new things, how would we ever advance? You can broaden your horizon with continued learning throughout dance, and just like the world, your personality is always changing, so learning new dances and new body movements gives you the opportunity to let your own personality shine through and better your dancing overall.

When it comes to dancing, do not try and force it, as you can learn comfortably at your own pace and enjoy each and every moment of it. Here at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, our goal is to help prepare you for dancing, through lessons, or allow you to enjoy your hobby, through classes, so no matter what your reason is for wanting to dance, be sure to contact us, as our California studio is here to welcome you.

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