Imagine an easy way to

Meet new people

Having a difficult time meeting like-minded people in Los Angeles?
If the answer is Yes- it sounds like it might be time to make some changes now and not tomorrow!

(Dancing has become one of the best ways to meet people in a comfortable environment)

“The best 45 minutes of my week on all levels” Emily.

It can be a challenge (at any age) to meet new people and find meaningful, long-lasting relationships. As kid at play, it was natural to go outside and join others; as adults we tend to lose this natural environment and our social and friend-making muscles weaken.  Not sure if you agree, but making friends in Los Angeles is no walk in the park.

If the bar scene is not your thing, try ballroom dancing.

Dancing might be something you’ve NEVER thought about doing, may be out of your comfort zone, or you may feel as many others have felt that learning to dance will be difficult or embarassing. Truth is those who had a good environment in which to learn found quickly that ballroom dancing is an activity for like-minded singles or couples to share a space of no judgement and one which requires 100% engagement with a partner. The secret is finding a dance studio that makes you feel at ease and brings some fun and new people into your life. (And one in which you need not have a partner in tow in order to start.)

If this missing piece needs to be injected into your life, we know we are the studio for YOU!

Our classes are designed in such a way that meeting new people organically happen while and also being guided by our instructors. If meeting people was easy everyone would do it and we wouldn’t have our business. So our environment is welcoming to all new students, we introduce them to other students,  and guide them through the process of learning. Imagine walking into our studio, teachers knowing your name and students introducing themselves and naturally feeling the bond that everyone is here for the same core reasons.  It’s a win-win happy relationship for all involved!

Our process is easy.

It’s designed to combine the learning of a fun new skill or hobby with the making of great long-lasting relationships.

How do you begin?

Step 1: fill in the contact form below and let us know exactly how dancing can enchance your life? Once we know your goals, we will schedule a complimentary private lesson. That lesson will allow you to meet the studio and teachers and give you the peace of mind that Arthur Murray Sherman Oaks is the place you’d like to hang out.

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