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Choose the best shoes for your dancing

Choose the best shoes for your dancing

When you decide to go to the beach, it is important to choose the right attire. Take your shoes, for example. Sneakers just won’t do. The sand will fill your shoes, with no escape route, and you will track little grains of annoyance home with you. If you go hiking, surely you wouldn’t want flimsy flip-flops. If horseback riding is more your cup of tea, it is highly unlikely that you will choose your best pair of sparkling pumps to accompany you. Proper footwear is crucial to any active task, especially when it comes to dancing.

Dancing is such an enjoyable part of your life. As you become more and more committed to dancing, you will certainly want to invest in the proper pair of shoes. So where do you start? Do you go with the classy tap shoes, a lovely pair of ballet slippers, or comfortable sneakers? There are a few important details to pay attention to when choosing your perfect pair.

Here at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, we value the art of dance and believe it should be performed with the utmost comfort. That is why we have put together a few tips to help you choose the best shoes for your dancing. If you are on the prowl for new dance shoes, be sure to continue reading to learn more.

  • Just the right fit. When choosing your dance shoes, it is helpful to keep the phrase “fits like a glove” in mind. The perfect shoe will, in turn, have the perfect fit. A pair of dance shoes that are not snug on your feet leaves room for them to move. Room for your feet leaves room for error. Snug shoes also allow room for them to be broken in and still fit nicely. It is important to find a pair of dance shoes that fit your feet like a glove for maximum support and overall comfort.
  • Open and closed toe shoes. With so many gorgeous shoes popping out at you in the store, it can be hard to resist the temptation to buy just any shoe. The question will arise, do you buy the cute open toe shoe or the charming closed toe shoe? Each has its own purpose in the dancing world. An open toe shoe spices up your dancing footwear, which is perfect for Latin dances, such as the salsa or rumba. The opening helps you point your toe and perform your footwork with precision. The closed toe shoes are better suited for smooth dances such as the waltz and foxtrot, giving your feet the required classical look.
  • What is the right heel height? There are a few different elements that could affect your heel height. If you are a beginner, the most important thing is to have a heel height that you are comfortable dancing in. If you are not as comfortable in heels as you would like, starting with smaller heel heights will surely be the best option, not to mention the safest. If heels are no problem for you, it is time to move on to your dance style. If you enjoy the rhythm of ballroom or Latin dancing, your heel height would be most beneficial in the 1.5” to 3” range. For men who enjoy the ballroom style, a 1” heel will do the trick. However, if you appreciate Latin style dancing, a 1.5” Cuban heel is a much better option.

The proper footwear is important for any task, especially dancing. Here at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, we want you to dance comfortably and enjoy the rhythm. If you are ready to start filling your life with dance in California, be sure to contact us today.

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