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Questions That Your Dance Instructor Is Dying to Ask You

Questions That Your Dance Instructor Is Dying to Ask You

If you are taking part in dance classes or lessons, you will have an instructor. Your instructor will be incredibly delighted that you have decided to take part in dance! With words of encouragement and a passion to assist you with learning, you will greatly enjoy the presence of your instructor.

However, in order to get to know you better, they may be curious about your feelings about dance classes.

We believe that knowing all about you and your expectations of dance is an important element to taking dance classes! That’s why, here at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, we have gathered some questions that your dance instructor is dying to ask you. Would you like to discover what these questions are? If so, be sure to continue reading:

  • Why is Dancing Important to You? It is important to have a reason to dance! Are you just seeking to enjoy a new hobby? Are you wanting to accomplish a new goal? Are you wanting to better your skills? Once you have determined your reason, let your instructor know! This will provide them with a better perspective as to how to teach you personally, to meet your interests.
  • How Do You Feel About the Pace of Our Classes? Your dance instructor will want to ensure that you are comfortable with the pace of the class. Do you feel as though you are right where you should be? Do you feel like things are moving a little to fast for your liking? Or, maybe you feel too advanced for the class you are taking part in. By learning how you feel about the pace, it will assist your instructor with knowing if you are in the right class.
  • Do You Know That I’m Always Here to Help? A dance instructor is there to teach you and assist you with bettering your dancing skills! They will want to know how you feel about them as an instructor. But, in return, they will also want you to know that any criticism that may be presented in only constructive, and that they believe in you and your dancing abilities. So, know that they are only there to help you gain confidence and enjoy your time spent on out on the dance floor.

If you and your dance instructor are open, honest, and on the same page with one another, you can truly enjoy your classes! These are just a few things that your dance instructor would like to ask you.

If you are all set to begin Los Angeles dance classes, please contact us here at Arthur Murray Dance Studio. As a dance studio in Sherman Oaks, California, would be grateful to get you out on our dance floor.

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