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Top 5 Dance Styles That Are Popular Around the World

Top 5 Dance Styles That Are Popular Around the World

Dance is a truly beautiful form of art! It is enjoyed all across the world, as not only a hobby, but as a way to celebrate life. With many different styles of dance, each culture and region of the world has its most popular!

Are you aware of the styles of dance that are popular in different regions of the world?

We love learning how different cultures experience dance! That’s why, here at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, we have comprised the top five dances that take place around the world, so that you can discover some wonderful aspects of dance in different cultures. If you are all set to learn about these celebratory styles of dance, be sure to continue reading:

  • Spain – Fandango. Originating in Spain, the Fandango is an upbeat dance that is truly fun to watch and take part in. This lively dances is usually performed in triple meters by couples, and showcases a fast-paced presentation that embodies raw passion. With tapping beats and clapping hands, this dance is certainly festive!
  • Brazil – Capoeira. Have you heard of the Capoeira? It is a dance comprised of acrobatic rhythms that originated in Brazil. This intricate dance combines martial arts and acrobatics, showcasing spins and leveraging moves, making it a truly cultural experience to take part in among the dance floor.
  • Ireland – Step-Dance. The step-dance, originating in Ireland, is a beautifully intricate dance that showcase a great deal of foot movements. Combining ballet and tap dancing, the charming rhythm patterns presents an artistic appeal among the dance floor. This festive dance is truly exciting to watch!
  • France – Quadrille. If you are a fan of the 19th century, then you will certainly enjoy that presentation of the Quadrille dance, which is popular in France! Usually performed by couples, the Quadrille starts off with a slow rhythm and gradually progresses to more rapid movements. This is certainly a graceful dance that showcases charm and elegance.
  • Germany – Waltz. One of the most well-known dances across the world is the Waltz, which originated in Germany. This beautiful dance is enjoyed by all, as it showcases such elegance and grace with its stretched-out steps and free-flowing presentation. Simple to learn and easy to dance to, the Waltz is a dance that anyone is sure to enjoy.

Dancing is a wonderful hobby to take part in, no matter what region of the world you live in! These are just a few of the popular dances that are popular in different cultures.

If you are all set to begin dancing at a dance studio in Sherman Oaks, California, please get in touch with us here at Arthur Murray Dance Studio. With such a passion for dance, we would be more than pleased to have you take part in our Los Angeles dance classes.

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