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Dancing is a Great Health Benefit for Seniors

Dancing is a Great Health Benefit for Seniors

Dancing is such a wonderful activity for all ages. It brings people together and forms lasting relationships as your feet flow across the dance floor. Dancing is also a great way to express yourself, and of course, stay healthy. Attending a dance class is a great choice for those who want to learn to dance or further their dance skills. You can dance with your partner, your friends, or even make new friends in the class.

Dance class can benefit all ages, such as seniors. It is never too late to learn to dance, and if you already know how to move those hips, you can continue your dancing in a wonderful class. A dance class offers you instruction and even new dance partners. There are so many benefits to seniors dancing.

Here at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, we are passionate about the art of dance, and we know all the wonderful benefits it can provide for you. Therefore, we have put together a list of the top reasons dance is a great health benefit for seniors, so be sure to continue reading to learn more.

  • Improves balance. One of the most common health issues that you face as a senior is your continuous loss of balance. It slowly becomes harder and harder to get around and your balance starts to give out on you. Dancing is a great way to improve your balance. Gaining longer steps and stride reflects your improved walk pattern. You will become comfortable moving your feet with grace, holding yourself up as you do so, and even gain self-confidence.
  • Improves cognitive abilities. Dances, such as the tango and waltz, require you to move with your partner, reacting to their movements and either leading or following them across the dance floor. Once you start dancing and improve your reaction to your partner and instructor, your daily life reactions will also greatly improve. Bettering your reaction time is a great way to prevent many accidents and injuries.
  • Social benefits. Starting as early as your years after college, it can be hard to find friends and stay socially active. This task is even harder as soon as you retire. It is important to be social and make friends, they are our support system, even as early as your grade school years. Friends are a wonderful part of life and help prevent feelings of loneliness, isolation and depression. Joining a dance class will provide you with new potential friendships that could be lifelong.

There are many wonderful benefits that dancing offers a person. Seniors will benefit just as much as any kid or young adult, just in different ways. Here at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, we love working with clients of all ages and would love to add some dance into your life. If you are ready to start dancing in California, contact us today.

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