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3 Tips for Leaders to Keep in Mind When Dancing with a Partner

3 Tips for Leaders to Keep in Mind When Dancing with a Partner

Dancing can be a partnership. While one person is leading, the other is following, working with the fluid movement presented by the leader. When your feet begin moving across the dance floor you form your partnership, your bond and create a beautiful display of dance.

When you are the leader, you have been tasked with a big responsibility.

Here at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, we believe that a leader should be aware of how to take the lead and promote confidence. That’s why we have put together three very helpful tips for leaders to keep in mind when dancing. To become a talented leader, feel free to continue reading:

  • Be Open to A Good Connection. Connecting with the music to inspire your dance is just as important as connecting with your dance partner. You will need to develop a nonverbal line of communication with your partner. This will help you guide your partner through the dance without exchanging words on the dance floor. Be open to forming a good connection.
  • Your Dancing Frame. Posture and good frame are key points when dancing. Your frame contributes a lot to your dancing partnership, such as guidelines, a starting point, and a way to follow your moves.
  • Great Movement. Dance is all about movement, even the smallest ones. But, as a leader, it’s important to be confident in your movement and know where you are going. If you aren’t, you risk being overthrown by the follower.

Knowing your role out on the dance floor is of importance! These are just a few tips for being a successful leader. Here at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, as a dance studio in Sherman Oaks, California, we have plenty of classes that are sure to fit your desired dance style. Contact us today to begin your Los Angeles dance classes.

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