Having a difficult time picking your first dance song?

Having a difficult time picking your first dance song?

A downloaded list of top first dance songs compiled just for you!


With 105 years of teaching experience, and tons of wedding couples that come through our doors yearly you can only imagine the thousands of first dance songs we have in our system.

It was not an easy task, but we did it. We compiled the top 65 first dance songs. You can be reassured the one’s we put on the list are:

  1. Easy to hear in regards to beats
  2. Easy to learn with some preparation time
  3. Classics known for all generations but also included 2017 jams

Now remember these are only 65 out of thousands we have. If your song is not on the list it doesn’t mean it’s not easy to learn; And if your vision for your first dance is completely different, like a Salsa or Tango, we can choreograph that as well.

Here at Arthur Murray Sherman Oaks we are the wedding specialist!  We’ve done the exact dance from “Dirty Dancing” to “Dancing with the Stars” routines, to the simplest choreographed but most romantic dance you can think of. Your dream first dance is only a phone call away or click away from REALITY! Hope our list helps!

Download: HANDOUT – 65 Great First Dance PLUS BONUS

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