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The do’s and don’ts of choreographing your first dance

The do’s and don’ts of choreographing your first dance

There is a lot that you will probably put into planning your wedding. This is the day that you and your partner begin your new life together, the day that you are forever bound to each other by the promise and commitment to love one another for the rest of your days. This will be a grand event, that is truly impressive, and celebrates you and your partner’s newly joined life. With all of this grand décor, food and entertainment, it is likely that you will want your first dance to be equally impressive.

There are a few ways that you can make sure that your first dance is a success and avoid the major don’ts that could make it less than impressive. Deciding to choreograph your first dance, is not only a smart move, but allows you to put on a performance that you will remember fondly through the years.

Here at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, we are passionate about the art of dance, and want your first dance as a newlywed couple to be perfect, unique and special for you both, that is why we have gathered the top do’s and don’ts of choreographing your first dance, so be sure to continue reading for some inspiration:

  • DO have your song preference. There may be that one song that you and your partner just adore, it may even be your song. Once your instructor has a song to work with, they can help choose which dance will work best for your song. Even if you already have a dance style that you both prefer, your instructor will be able to show you the best dance, in your preferred style, that will work great with your song. Having a song in mind when talking to a choreographer is a huge step in the right direction.
  • DON’T start lessons too late. If you have heard it once, then it is likely that you have heard it a thousand times, “practice makes perfect”! You will want to give yourselves an optimal amount of time to learn your dance. The more time you have to work on your dance and practice, the less chance you will step on your partner’s feet, or worse, fall in a crucial point of your dance. For the best outcome, you need as much time to practice as possible. Once again, practice makes perfect.
  • DO give consideration to the dance floor layout. There are many different sizes of dance floors and even different styles, so choosing a dance that your dance floor can accommodate, is vital to your dance being successful. The last thing you would want is to waltz right off your dance floor. Considering the way your guests will be facing can also benefit the overall impact your dance will have. You would not want to dance off to the side of your guests, your first dance deserves everybody’s attention.
  • DON’T let your dance drag-on. Your first dance should have a big impact and even pack quite the punch. You will have a short time to wow your wedding guests. It is important to keep your dance between a minute and a half, to two minutes, to keep your guests from getting antsy or even bored. This is your chance to show off your moves together on the dance floor.

Your first dance as a newlywed couple can be fun and very exciting as your partner leads you across the dance floor with grace. Here at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, we take pride in our ability to teach the art of dance. If you are ready to wow your wedding guests with an impressive dance, contact us today to begin creating the perfect dance for your California big day.

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