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Do you know the tempos of Latin dance?

Do you know the tempos of Latin dance?

From movies to popular dance shows, Latin dance is making its mark on the dancing world everywhere. This sexy dance draws you in with its intriguing moves and sensuous allure. Latin dances consist of a range routines such as the Rumba, Salsa, Bolero, Cha Cha, and more. They are such wonderful routines to learn, and are a great way to show that you have skilled moves.

One quality that the Latin dance routines are known for is their fierce tempo. If you are already a dancer who loves Latin routines, just beginning your lessons, or are interested in the dance form, it’s important to know the tempo of your routines, as it is a vital piece of information when learning to dance.

Here at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, we revel in the dance world, especially with a dance style as alluring as Latin routines. That’s why we have put together a few tips to help you know the tempos of Latin dance. If you are intrigued by this gripping dance form, be sure to continue reading to learn a little more:

  • Bolero. If you are someone that is drawn to this alluring dance form, yet still want a more graceful routine, then maybe the Bolero is the dance for you. The Bolero is an elegant, Spanish style dance that possesses a distinctive tempo. Resembling a slow Rumba, the Bolero is relaxing with a romantic melody. The tempo is usually between 96 and 104 beats per minute, which is crucial to competitive dancing. If you are casually learning, the dance can be slowed or quickened for personal taste.
  • Merengue. It’s important to enjoy the simple things in life, as they give you a true appreciation for life. This can be translated into your dance form as well. Not every dance has to be intricate and complicated. The Merengue is a simple dance but still holds an air of elegance. It originated on the island of Hispaniola. The complex framing, turns, and hip and leg movements offer a speed of 58 and 64 beats per minute, in American ballrooms. The Merengue sets an atmosphere of freedom, joy, and sensuality.
  • Rumba. This Cuban dance style evolved from the traditional Bolero-Sun dance. As one of the more popular dance styles in American ballrooms, it is slower than other Latin dances and is often the first dance learned by students. While American style is performed with 128 to 148 beats per minute, international styles are performed at 104 to 108 beats per minute. The Rumba provides flirtation and passion, perfect for adding a little spice to your dance life.

There are many important aspects to learn about your chosen dance, such as tempo. For a successful dance, it’s crucial to know your tempo, just as much as you know your steps. Here at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, we teach many beautiful dances. If you are ready to get yourself moving with dancing in California, be sure to contact us today.

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