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What to Look for In a Dance Partner

What to Look for In a Dance Partner

Dancing is such a fun hobby to take part in, especially if you have a dance partner! Not only do you have the opportunity to gain a new, lifelong friend, but you can also learn new tricks of the trade, bettering your experience as you dance with another person.

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With many people that fill the world of dance, there is certainly no right or wrong person to choose to be your partner. However, there are some tips that many assist you in choosing the best dance partner for you as an individual.

Dance is such a great passion of ours! That’s why, here at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, we have gathered some aspects that you should seek when searching for your perfect dance partner. If you are curious to learn what they are, be sure to continue reading for some great tips:

  • Communication. Being able to communicate with your dance partner is incredibly important! You will want to ensure that you mesh well with one another. If you can discover someone who enjoys dancing as much as you do, and will be open to constructive criticism and bettering your skills together, that would be most ideal.
  • Skillset. As you dance, know that each step you take will better your skills. However, some people may be above or below your level, which may pose as an issue when dancing with a partner. Ideally, you will want you dance partner to showcase the same skillset as you, so that you can both comfortably dance and build your experience together.
  • Goals. When dancing, you will want to have fun. However, you may be seeking a more serious experience. It is important that your dance partner has the same goals for dancing as you do. If you are dancing to simply explore a hobby that you can enjoy doing, your partner should reflect the same interest. In addition, if you are seeking to better your skills on a more serious note, rather than just for fun, try and discover a partner with the same initiative as you.

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With the right dance partner, surely you have a wonderful dancing experience. If you are ready to begin your dance classes in Sherman Oaks, California, please visit us here at Arthur Murray Dance Studio. We look forward to assisting you with taking part in Los Angeles dance lessons.

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