Quick Tips to Prepare You for Your First Dance at Your Wedding

Quick Tips to Prepare You for Your First Dance at Your Wedding

Feet moving, heart racing, and your partner right next to you; your first dance will be an incredible experience. You and your partner will share the stage as you kick off your wedding reception with a passionate first dance to celebrate your new marriage. This will be a special moment for you and your partner and will certainly make a lasting impression.

Have you and your partner started planning your magical moment yet?

We adore seeing romantic first dances! That’s why, here at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, we have some very helpful quick tips to prepare you for your own first dance. If you want to gain some great insight, be sure to continue reading:

  • Realize the Importance. Your wedding first dance is very important. If you have been questioning the need to even plan one, question no more. This will be a moment that you will always remember, don’t miss out!
  • The Perfect Song. What would a dance be without the perfect song? Choosing a song where the lyrics complement your relationship would be best. In addition, you will want your song to showcase the tempo you are seeking for your dance, whether it be fast or slow.
  • Be Open to Lessons. Some couples will choose to wing it for their wedding dance, but this is sure to lead to disaster, or to a lackluster experience. You and your partner can take part in dance lessons to ensure that you are completely ready for your first dance! Take a look at our Wedding Dance Lessons.
  • Don’t Wait. Waiting to step foot into the dance studio is a detrimental mistake. You need time to learn the necessary moves, and even more time to practice. This is not a last-minute task to accomplish. Preparing ahead of time will have you exuding confidence out on the dance floor.
  • Break Common Expectations. The waltz is a common dance, and some of your family members may even be expecting it. However, if you choose to showcase a difference dance, know that you aren’t in the wrong. There is no wrong dance, unless you are unhappy with it.

These tips can help you feel more confident to step out onto the dance floor! After all, your first dance deserves to be spectacular! Here at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, as a dance studio in Sherman Oaks, California, we are ready to get you out on the dance floor. Contact us today to begin your Los Angeles dance lessons.

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