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Myths That Shouldn’t Be Believed About Dance Posture

Myths That Shouldn’t Be Believed About Dance Posture

Posture is incredibly important not only when it comes to not only dancing, but life as well. Standing up straight will not only have you appearing more poised, but aid in the health of your back as well.

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However, there are some myths about posture that just shouldn’t be believed!

Every person who dances should present themselves appropriately on the dance floor. That’s why, here at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, we have gathered some myths about posture that you should not fall for. If you are interested in learning what these myths are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Your Chest Should Be Lifted Up Very High. When you sit or stand up straight, you are inclined to naturally lift your chest up. However, you know just how high it should be lifted. If you lift your chest up too high, you will put too much weight on your heels. Instead, lift your chest up in a way that does not have you opening up your rib cage, having you appearing both tall in the front and the back.
  • Your Back Should Be Flat. Yes, having a flat back will help to promote good posture. However, you don’t want to eliminate all of the curving that your back presents. Therefore, you should keep a small natural curve in your back when both sitting and standing.
  • Keep Your Head Held Very High. When you dance, you will want to keep your head held up. However, this does not mean to raise your chin up so high that it is crunching into the back of your neck. Symmetry is important, so remember to keep your head level, to where you are looking straight and forward, not up at the ceiling.

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Great posture will assist you in being more comfortable on the dance floor. These are just a few myths that you will want to avoid believing. Here at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, as a dance studio in Los Angeles, California, we are ready to get you out on our dance floor. If you are ready to begin Sherman Oaks dance classes, please get in touch with us today.

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