Proper Dance Floor Etiquette

Proper Dance Floor Etiquette

Getting out on the dance floor is such an exciting feeling, especially if you present the right dance floor etiquette! You will have the opportunity to let loose, and express who you are as a person through the wonderful art of dance. With many ways to dance, there certainly is no “right” or “wrong” form.

However, there is a proper form of etiquette that you should follow to make not only your dancing experience better, but the people surrounding you as well.

With dancing being our passion, we love being able to inspire others. That’s why, here at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, we have gathered some dance floor etiquette for you to view, to better your experience. If you are interested in learning more, be sure to continue reading:

  • Give everyone space. When dancing, you may be among many other people. Creating the right amount of space for yourself will allow you and the people around you to dance comfortably. Avoid hogging the dance floor by spreading your dancing out over a large area, and rather stick to one location.
  • Be friendly. Of course, not only on the dance floor, you will want to be friendly. However, when dancing, situations may arise that may cause for apologies, such as if you bump into someone. However, you should also be friendly as to not criticize or correct other people’s dancing. Everyone, just like you, will be out trying to have fun, and the last thing you would want to do is cause any discomfort towards others.
  • Don’t decline. Sometimes, you will be asked by someone if they “may have this dance?”. If so, you should certainly take up the offer. If someone asks you to dance, it does not mean that you must date them, or continue dancing with them throughout the entire evening, but it is always a nice gesture that someone has had the confidence to ask you, so you should certainly return the favor with a dance.

Dancing is such a fun activity, and with the proper etiquette on the dance floor, you can ensure that you and the others around you will have a wonderful time. If you are still searching for a dance studio in Los Angeles, California, contact us here at Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Sherman Oaks, California, as we are ready to get you out on the dance floor today.

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