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Top Rules to Be Aware of When Taking Part in Social Dancing

Top Rules to Be Aware of When Taking Part in Social Dancing

How could you not love social dancing? Meeting new people, dancing with those people, and getting some exercise in the process…it sounds like a win/win…win to us! After all, taking part in a hobby that you can enjoy with others is always a good time.

Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind when social dancing, as they will greatly benefit not only your time out on the dance floor, but the others around you too.

We believe that everyone should have a great experience dancing! That’s why, here at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, we have gathered some of the top rules that you should be aware of when taking part in social dancing. Would you like to learn what these rules are? If so, continue reading to gain some knowledge:

  • Don’t Forget to smell good. Personal hygiene is incredibly important, especially out on the dance floor. You will be surrounded by others dancing near you. To be on the safe side we must mention it’s important before you dance; to shower, wear deodorant, and put on clean clothes…a little perfume or cologne is always ideal too! This way, everyone will enjoy being in your presence and dancing with you.
  • Don’t Be a Teacher. If someone is out social dancing, they want to have fun out on the dance floor and enjoy themselves. Probably means they have worked hard on their dance classes and are now trying to put their material to use. It is important to never critique or criticize someone’s dancing, unless they ask for your option or assistance. There should never be any judgement towards someone who is trying to have a good time, so avoid being a teacher, and have fun out on the dance floor too!
  • Don’t Bring Along Your Pick-Up Lines. Social dancing is a great way to meet others. Who knows, maybe you will even meet the man or woman of your dreams! However, the dance floor is not a dating scene, as people come to enjoy the hobby, not to get hit on. So, leave your pick-up lines at home. However, if you are able to vibe with someone and think that they are feeling the same way in return, asking them out on a date is certainly acceptable!

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When taking part in social dancing, you certainly want to enjoy yourself, and allow others around you to as well! These are just a few tips to ensure that you do. If you are still seeking a Los Angeles dance studio, please get in touch with us here at Arthur Murray Dance Studio. We look forward to getting you enrolled in our Sherman Oaks, California dance classes.

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