• I always wanted to learn to dance, but I felt self conscious even starting lessons because I had only danced where the floor was too crowded to move much so... read more

    Gary Golden Avatar
    Gary Golden

    Returned to dance after 3 years, and I chose the right studio to continue my journey. From the first phone call I felt welcomed and valued. The entire... read more

    Donna Esposito Avatar
    Donna Esposito

    AMSO is the best! As a newcomer to the dance world, I could not ask for a more welcoming, encouraging and above all FUN!!! studio to learn at. ... read more

    Sarah Colman Hayes Avatar
    Sarah Colman Hayes

    If you want to learn ballroom dance and have a good time this is the place for you. This includes all the shy/hermit people! Trust me that they will push... read more

    Mari Andrade Avatar
    Mari Andrade
  • This is a great studio, with fantastic and totally dedicated instructors and coaches, excellent management by Tom, and an extremely conscientious great leadership of the franchise Martin. Thanks to my... read more

    aleve ates Avatar
    aleve ates

    I love this studio!!!! The moment you walk in the door you’re greeted with a genuine warmth and friendliness that make you feel at ease. Everyone is helpful from the... read more

    Rocio Ortiz Avatar
    Rocio Ortiz

    5 star ratingNo matter what level you are at, you will always have fun! All the instructors, especially Alex, are amazing, and everyone has a good time at the "parties." The place... read more

    Saemy S. Avatar
    Saemy S.

    This studio has the most professional and talented instructors. They are patient, kind, supportive and highly skilled. Included with the private lessons are group classes every weekday and "practice parties"... read more

    Deborah Brown Avatar
    Deborah Brown
  • Learning to ballroom dance at the Arthur Murray dance studio in Sherman Oaks has improved every aspect of my life. From gaining confidence to getting healthy, the family atmosphere of... read more

    Suzy Uhlmann Avatar
    Suzy Uhlmann

    5 star ratingSuch a welcoming community and now we have regular date nights scheduled. I'm such a clot and was so afraid to try these classes but my wife talked me into... read more

    Jay O. Avatar
    Jay O.

    Where's the 100 star button?! I'm so glad that I found you guys. You've given me back the confidence I sought after being told that I would never be able... read more

    Angelina Cervantes Avatar
    Angelina Cervantes

    I have been at this studio only for a month, after having been at another one for about a year. I am impressed with several things. Both... read more

    Sule Ozler Avatar
    Sule Ozler
  • I went to Arthur Murray Sherman Oaks just before Christmas 2017 and all I wanted to do was learn to turn my lady partner in the Salsa because i had... read more

    Eldridge Harvey Pearsall Avatar
    Eldridge Harvey Pearsall

    My husband, then fiance and I met Tom and everyone from Arthur Murray at a street fair in Sherman Oaks. We started taking lessons a few months prior to... read more

    Beth Glazer Avatar
    Beth Glazer

    5 star ratingArthur Murray was a really awesome experience for me and I wanted to share it. Although it wasn't exactly what I was looking for, I had the most pleasant time... read more

    Sharon S. Avatar
    Sharon S.

    Great studio to learn dancing, have fun while doing it, and meet some pretty neat people. The instructors and staff are all very helpful and upbeat. I would... read more

    Michelle Graell Avatar
    Michelle Graell